PVA fiber: a revolutionary material for new specialty paper

PVA fiber is processed from high-quality polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with a high polymerization degree and has excellent plasticity and stability. In the process of paper manufacturing, PVA fibers can be mixed with various fibers to produce paper with unique properties. Among them, water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive paper is an essential application of PVA fiber in the field of special paper.

Water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive paper is a particular type of paper that is coated with a layer of water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive on its surface. When this type of paper encounters water, the adhesive layer will quickly dissolve, giving the paper a special dissolution effect. Due to its unique performance, water-soluble, pressure-sensitive adhesive paper has been generally used in many fields, such as packaging, printing, sanitary products, etc.

Compared with traditional paper manufacturing materials, PVA fiber has higher strength and flexibility and can produce thinner, lighter, and more durable paper. Meanwhile, PVA fiber also has good water solubility and environmental friendliness, making the paper made from it easily soluble after use without causing environmental pollution.

With increasing value to environmental protection and sustainable development, PVA fiber, as an environmentally friendly paper manufacturing material, has received widespread attention and pursuit. Exceptional paper manufacturers have started to use PVA fiber as the primary raw material to produce higher quality and environmentally friendly water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive paper and other unique papers.


(PVA fiber)


PVA fiber, also known as polyvinyl alcohol fiber, is a water-soluble synthetic fiber.

The characteristics of PVA fiber:

  1. High strength and high modulus: PVA fibers have high strength and modulus, allowing them to effectively withstand external loads and maintain stability in their shape and size.
  2. Good wear resistance: PVA fiber has good wear resistance, making it suitable for situations that require repeated friction and wear.
  3. Good chemical corrosion resistance: PVA fiber has good stability to most chemical substances and is not easily corroded.
  4. Good insulation: PVA fiber has good insulation and is not easily conductive, making it suitable for making insulation materials.
(PVA fiber)

Application of PVA fiber:

  1. Textile field: PVA fiber can be blended with natural fibers such as wool to make various fabrics, such as sweaters, woolen yarn, knitwear, etc. Its excellent thermal insulation performance and softness have made it widely used in the textile industry.
  2. Medical and health field: PVA fibers can be made into various medical supplies, such as surgical gowns, bandages, masks, etc. Its good breathability and antibacterial properties make it favored in the medical field.
  3. Packaging field: PVA fiber has good moisture resistance, mold resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties and can be used to make various packaging materials, such as bags, films, paper, etc.
  4. Construction field: PVA fibers can be made into various building materials, such as wall panels, doors, windows, etc. Its excellent insulation and sound insulation performance have made it widely used in the field of construction.
  5. Agricultural field: PVA fiber can be made into various agricultural materials, such as non-woven fabrics, shading nets, etc. Its good breathability and durability have made it widely used in the farm field.
(PVA fiber)


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