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DDP operation and commercial document processing

wallpapers News 2022-03-02
Since the data about the price of goods between the customs of different countries are not communicated, and only AMS(gross and net weight, quantity, and volume) is commonly used between the customs, we must make full use of this loophole when operating such orders.
A. Export declaration amount: 
this amount is closely related to the export tax rebate. In principle, it is the DOLLAR amount including the export tax rebate after the export of goods with a VAT invoice, which is also the FOB amount. Then the export declaration amount is absolutely correct. If you are a factory, or foreign trade company business personnel want to get some oil and water from the factory, at the same time the factory can buy a relatively low value-added tax invoice, then might as well put the sea freight also reported in, that is, quoted CIF price.
B. Import declaration amount: 
Because the DDP, so goods into each other at the time of the customs import duty you have to do, because the customs goods unit price is without feeling, and point money is their own, so you can beat customs invoice value as far as possible low (the term for the UNDERVALUE import customs clearance), but also you have a master degree, caused the customs don't doubt, Resulting in retaliatory tariffs or even confiscation of your goods. Therefore, you must explain to the customer in advance that you will adopt the UNDERVALUE customs clearance invoice and ask the FORWARDER you are familiar with to actively cooperate with you. At the same time, you should prepare for any accident. If the customs confirms that you are lower than the market price, you can explain that this is inventory processing, but you need to prepare some documents. At the same time, the customer needs to cooperate.
C. risk prevention:
 In such operations, risk prevention is the first. The main risk is not in the process but in the integrity of the customer side. Therefore, the bill of lading must be sent to the bank together with the negotiation documents, and the customs clearance should also ensure that the negotiation documents reach the other bank. Note that the negotiation amount should be the DDP amount minus the inland freight and related miscellaneous fees. Upon completion of customs clearance, telex the customer's certificate of customs clearance and urge the other party to pay the bill of redemption at the bank, and make it clear that if the other party fails to pay the bill of redemption within the specified working days, the demurrage fee and other incidental fees incurred by the goods detained at the port shall be borne by the other party. The FORWARDER can pick up the goods within ten guaranteed days without paying the customs duty. If the customer pays the order normally, you have successfully replaced DDP with CIF.

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