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What are the bearings production process

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The specific production process of the bearings: raw materials-inner and outer ring processing, steel ball or roller processing, cage (pressing or solid) processing-bearings assembly-bearing finished product.
In the bearings production process, the most critical are the following links:
1. Forging link
The forging link is an important link to ensure the reliability and life of the bearing. After the raw material is forged, the bearing ring blank is formed. At the same time, the structure of the raw materials becomes denser and the flow linearity becomes better, which can improve the reliability and service life of the bearing. In addition, the quality of the forging process will directly affect the utilization rate of raw materials, thereby affecting production costs.
2. Heat treatment link
The heat treatment process is to subject the forged and turned bearing rings to high temperature treatment, which directly affects the uniformity of carburization in the bearing rings, improves the wear resistance and hardness of the bearing, and also affects the reliability and life of the bearing. Important link.
3. Grinding process
After the heat treatment, the bearing ring needs to be ground, which is an important link to ensure the accuracy of the bearing. After grinding, the production process of the bearing ring is basically completed.
Process flow of bearing inner and outer rings: bar material-forging-turning-heat treatment-grinding-super finishing-final inspection of parts-rust prevention storage
The main production equipment includes: cold rolling machine, automatic ball bearing internal grinder, quenching line, annealing furnace, press, CNC lathe, bearing grinder, internal groove grinder, external groove grinder, high precision horizontal axis round table surface grinder, CNC Milling machines, centerless grinders, high-precision through-grinding centerless grinders, precision channel superfinishing machines, inner surface CNC grinders, CNC reciprocating double-end surface grinders, high-temperature high-speed bearing testing machines, heat treatment production lines, quality inspection equipment, etc.
The basic production process of rolling bearings
Due to the different types, structural types, tolerance levels, technical requirements, materials and batch sizes of rolling bearings, the basic production process is not exactly the same.

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