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The special features of aluminum alloy anti-theft windows

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Gold anti-theft windows are more common in the market. People will consider their advantages when choosing aluminum alloy anti-theft windows. What are the advantages of aluminum alloy anti-theft windows? How should I clean it on weekdays? Today we will talk about the advantages and cleaning skills of aluminum alloy anti-theft windows.
1. What are the advantages of aluminum alloy anti-theft windows
1. High strength: Aluminum alloy is much higher than ordinary alloys, and the wall thickness is more than 1 mm, so it is stronger and anti-theft than stainless steel.
2. Never rust: It is made of aluminum alloy, so it has high weather resistance. After various surface treatments, it can guarantee absolutely no rust for 30 years.
3. Convenient installation: special design, special accessories, no welding, simple and efficient installation.
4. Low cost: A variety of structural assembly is suitable for different purposes, and it is absolutely value for money.
5. Beautiful and generous: This product is produced with various advanced technologies such as electrophoresis, spraying, sandblasting, polishing, etc., which can fully meet the needs of all domestic customers at present, which is unmatched by stainless steel.
6. Luxurious and elegant: Security and anti-theft are the outstanding features, easy to clean the windows, with anti-theft functions such as anti-prying, anti-shear and anti-tension, built-in installation, and can be matched and combined with various application environments.
7. Maintenance-free: The aluminum alloy profiles after various surface treatments have a self-cleaning function to avoid year-by-year maintenance and maintenance.
8. High-value preservation: Because of its high recycling rate, it can ensure that the product recycling value reaches 80%.
Second, the cleaning skills of aluminum alloy anti-theft windows.
Pay attention to the dust accumulation of anti-theft windows, and keep the window frame clean, especially the sliding groove. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust accumulation in the tank and the door seal.
Strengthen the maintenance of the anti-theft window screws, and check whether the exposed part is loose.
Stainless steel anti-theft windows are not easy to be corroded and can withstand wind, rain and sun. Normally, no maintenance is required. Just be careful not to let them come into contact with gas, briquettes, and oil fume.
Anti-theft windows can be dipped in water or neutral detergent with a soft cloth. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, let alone detergents with strong acid and alkali, such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent.
When cleaning the anti-theft window, people should not step on the anti-theft window frame and do not pull the frame for support.
It can be seen that aluminum alloy anti-theft windows have the advantages of high strength, never rust, easy installation, low cost, beautiful appearance, luxury and elegance, maintenance-free, and high-value preservation. People can choose them according to their needs and preferences.

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