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Tensile Strength And Wear Resistance Of Rubber Tube Vulcanizates

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Tensile Strength
Tensile strength characterizes the ultimate ability of rubber pipe products to resist tensile failure. It has the same wear resistance and tear strength as the three major reinforcement standards for the quality of vulcanizates.
First, the amount of carbon black added increases.
Secondly, the specific surface area of carbon black is directly proportional to the tensile strength, while the relationship between the carbon black structure and the tensile strength is not obvious. However, when the amount of carbon black is higher or lower, the tensile strength is greatly affected by the carbon black structure.

Abrasion resistance
The wear resistance of rubber tube vulcanizates is closely related to particle size, which is also one of the basis for the classification of carbon black models.
The abrasion process of carbon black is divided into two parts. The first part is the oxidation process of the rubber surface at high temperature under external friction, and the second part is the peeling process of the oxidized part of the rubber surface. Abrasion resistance is related to the fracture energy of the rubber compound. The so-called fracture energy is the product of the tensile strength and elongation of the rubber compound. The rubber with high fracture energy has high wear resistance. The abrasion resistance of the rubber compound is related to the proportion of carbon black. The larger the proportion, the greater the abrasion resistance of the rubber, but it gradually decreases after a certain degree.

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