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What is the purpose of thrust ball bearings

wallpapers News 2021-03-16
Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads during high-speed operation, and are composed of washer-shaped ferrules with ball rolling raceway grooves. Because the ring is in the shape of a cushion, thrust ball bearings are divided into two types: flat base cushion type and self-aligning spherical cushion type. In addition, this kind of bearing can bear axial load, but cannot bear radial load.There is also an introduction to self-aligning ball bearings.
Thrust ball bearing composition: Thrust ball bearing consists of three parts: seat ring, shaft washer and steel ball cage assembly. The shaft ring matched with the shaft is called the seat ring, and the housing ring matched with the housing.
According to the force, it is divided into one-way thrust ball bearings and two-way thrust ball bearings. One-way thrust ball bearings can bear one-way axial load. The two-way thrust ball bearing can bear two-way axial load, in which the shaft ring and the shaft are matched. The mounting surface of the seat ring is a spherical bearing with self-aligning performance, which can reduce the influence of installation errors. Thrust ball bearings cannot bear radial load, and the limit speed is low.
The purpose of thrust ball bearings: only suitable for parts that bear one side of axial load and low speed, such as crane hooks, vertical water pumps, vertical centrifuges, jacks, low-speed reducers, etc. The shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element of the bearing are separated and can be assembled and disassembled separately.

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