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Titanium Is Occasionally Used In Construction

wallpapers News 2020-12-28
Among the metal elements, titanium has a high specific strength. It is a high-strength but low-quality metal with fairly good ductility (especially in an oxygen-free environment). The surface of titanium is silver-white and metallic. Its melting point is quite high (over 1,649 degrees Celsius), so it is a good refractory metal material. It is paramagnetic, and its electrical and thermal conductivity are very low.
Due to its durability, brand-name jewelry made of titanium (especially titanium rings) began to become popular. The inertia of titanium is the reason to choose it, especially for people who have sensitive skin or wear jewelry in certain environments (such as swimming pools). Titanium's durability, light weight, dent resistance and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for the production of watch casings. Some artists use titanium to make artworks, such as sculptures, decorations, and furniture.

Titanium is occasionally used in related architectural applications: The Gagarin Column, 40 meters high in Moscow, was built to commemorate the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin. It was built of titanium. The reason for choosing titanium It is because of the colors it attracts and its connection to rocket technology. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain and the Millennium Library in Cerritos in the United States were the first buildings in Europe and North America to use titanium siding. Other buildings using titanium siding include the Hamilton Building at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, USA, and the 107-meter-high Space Conquest Monument in Moscow.
Compared with the traditionally used metals (steel, stainless steel and aluminum) for firearms, titanium is superior in strength and quality. With the development of metal manufacturing, it has become common to use titanium to make firearms. Main uses include pistol holders and revolver wheels. For the same reason, the main body of notebook computers will also use titanium (such as Apple's PowerBook series).
Some tools sold in the high-end market, such as shovel and flashlight, are both lightweight and corrosion-resistant, and are also made of titanium alloy.

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