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The true and false discrimination of bearings

wallpapers News 2020-11-12
Compare the color of the Bearings
Counterfeit bearings are generally limited by the technology and equipment of small bearing manufacturers, so the bearing accuracy is low, the bearing surface is rough, the chamfer size is uneven, and some have black skin and pitting. Some low-quality bearings are made of ordinary steel, carbon steel, malleable steel, iron pipes, etc., and the appearance of these materials is mostly white, while the color of special bearing steel is green. But just by looking at the color, we cannot completely conclude that we need to have hardness.
Look at the appearance parts of the Bearings
Some small manufacturers have simple dipping techniques, and the bearings are heated unevenly and slightly deformed. Rotate the bearing to see if the bearing rotates evenly and the sound is continuous and no noise. Looking at the cage, the bearing cage of the regular manufacturer is regular and free of burrs. The size of the riveted bearing cage rivet head is the same. The processing technology and equipment of the non-standard manufacturer are simple, so the cage is rough, and some riveted structure cages are unevenly divided and or Right, the rivet heads are of different sizes or riveted.
Observe the packaging of the Bearings
Look at the packaging, the regular manufacturers have the same packaging, the fonts on the packaging are clear, and the packaging of some counterfeit bearings is inconsistent or simple and irregular. Look at the font on the end face of the bearing, the font is clear, some manufacturers have query information on the certificate, counterfeit the certificate, the font is fuzzy, the paper is ordinary paper, and the size of the certificate is different. It is recommended to keep a regular manufacturer certificate for comparison and reference. The original bearing is very clear and uniform in both steel and laser fonts. The laser fonts have a certain depth. The counterfeit bearing fonts have broken marks. The laser fonts will disappear with a light rub with gauze.
Look at the relevant font on the bearings
You’d better understand the bearing typing specifications for normal products of some regular manufacturers, such as bearing model, trademark, and year code. Some fake bearing fonts are engraved, even if some fonts are blurred by laser. If possible, it is recommended that you go to the bearing manufacturer or brand distributor to personally inspect.

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