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How to match the precision design of tapered roller bearings?

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In general, the tapered roller bearings will use the base hole system when assembling, but if it is a standard part, the matching nature of the parts is determined by the standard part. For tapered roller bearings, because it is a standard part, the parts matching the outer ring are made from the base shaft, and the shaft matching the inner ring is made from the base hole.
The bearing inner ring and shaft fit is made from the base hole, although the tolerance zone for all tolerance classes of tapered roller bearing inner ring is below the zero lines and the upper deviation is zero. The main reason is the special requirements for bearing coordination. In most cases, the inner hole of the bearing should rotate with the shaft, and there must be some interference in the fit between the two.
Choose the tolerance grade of the journal and bearing seat
The tolerance levels of the matching holes and shafts of tapered roller bearings are closely related to the tolerance levels of the bearings. The general tolerance grade of shaft matching with /P6 and /PO bearings is IT5~IT7, and the grade of box hole is IT6~IT8.
Natural selection
The selection of bearing matching nature is to determine the basic deviation code of the journal and bearing housing matching with the bearing.
The basis of the selection of the matching nature of bearings is: the type of the load of the inner and outer ring bearings, the size of the load on the bearing, the working conditions of the bearing, the material and the loading and unloading requirements of the hole and the shaft with the bearing, and so on.
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