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How to Curl Your Straight Hair Weave

wallpapers News 2021-06-18
If your hair weave is straight, it can also be fun to try adding waves. If you don't like perms, use a curling iron to create beautiful curls. Alternatively, a curler or straightener can be used to achieve a similar effect quickly. Both techniques create beautiful curls that can last for days. The specific operation is as follows:
1. Wet your hair weave
Spray your hair weave with water to make it moist. Fill the spray bottle with water and gently drench the entire fabric. Lift the top layer of your hair weave and moisten the hair underneath to make sure all the hair is exposed to the water. This will help weave the finished curls longer. Be careful to avoid soaking your hair completely. Just spray a light mist on the surface of your hair.
2. Divide your hair weave into four equal sections.
Divide your hair weave into four equal sections, which makes it easier to curl your hair with a flexible wand. Use a comb to divide your hair into four sections and cut each section back. To do this, first, divide your hair in half and then divide each part in half again. If you want an extra curl, divide your hair into eight or more sections. The more parts you create, the more curling irons you can use to complete more curls.
3. Wrap each part of your hair weave into a curling iron.
Place the curling iron horizontally on the first part of your hair weave. Then, curl the hair all the way to the roots with a stretch rod. Repeat this process for each woven part. For very tight curls, you can use a slightly thinner curling iron, and for loose curls, you can use a thicker one.
4. Bend the end of the curling iron to maintain the final look of Hair Weave.
Bend the ends of the curling iron down. This will create a horseshoe shape. Bending bars can help hold your hair in place while you sleep and keep it from getting messy. You can also spray your hair with water before putting it into a curling iron to keep the hair in place. If the curling iron comes off, simply rewrap them and bend them a little tighter.
5. Cover your hair weave with a scarf.
This will help you sleep more comfortably and make sure the curling iron doesn't come loose. Silk scarves work best when they slide on your pillow; However, any scarf will do. Just wrap a scarf around your head before you go to bed, or if you don't have one, wear a winter hat or bonnet and leave the curling iron in it overnight to give the curls time to set.
6.Untie your hair in the morning to reveal your curls.
Remove the curling iron and bend them back to a horizontal position, then gently untie the hair. This will show off your beautiful curly hair weave. Avoid pulling the curling iron, as this can damage your hair weave. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you remove it from the strands.
Finally, with a little bit of hand comb, beautiful hair weave styling is finished!
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