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What is nano diamond
Nano diamond is a basic property that has both the surface effect of nanomaterials and the abrasiveness of diamond. In addition, it also has special properties such as high chemical activity and low Debye temperature.

The characteristics of nano diamond
1. Large lattice constant: X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the lattice constant of nano diamond is about 0.360~0.365, which is slightly larger than the crystal constant of natural cubic structure diamond, and the spectral peak broadening is more serious. These reasons are due to the size effect of nanocrystalline caused by the combined influence of lattice distortion.
2. Regular morphology: High-resolution transmission electron microscopy shows that most nano diamonds are single crystals, and the particle size distribution is consistent with small-angle x-ray scattering, and their surface morphology is more regular spherical or spherical.
3. Large specific surface: The reason why nano diamond has strong surface activity and can adsorb a large number of impurity atoms or groups is because nanodiamond has a large specific surface (up to 200~420m2/g).
4. Low Debye temperature: The Debye temperature of nano diamond is 1800~2242k, which shows that the binding force between atoms is weakened, and the amplitude of the offset position of the atom center is increased by 2.4 times, thereby increasing the activity of nano diamond .
5. Large chemical activity: The initial oxidation temperature of nano diamonds in air is 500~530℃, which is lower than the initial oxidation temperature of the surface of macro-large-size diamonds, mainly due to the super chemical activity and the serious incompleteness of the crystal structure.

Nano diamond applications
Because nano diamond has the unique properties of small particles and large specific surface area, it has special mechanical, photoelectric, thermal and magnetic properties, and can be widely used in chemical, electronic, mechanical, medical and other fields.
1. The application of nano diamond in lubricating oil, grease and coolant is mainly used in machinery industry, metal processing, engine manufacturing, shipbuilding, aviation, transportation. Adding nano diamonds to lubricating oil can improve the working life of the engine and transmission, save fuel oil, reduce friction torque by 20-40%, and reduce friction surface wear by 30-40%.
2. Nano diamond can treat tumors, gastrointestinal diseases and skin diseases in medicine. It is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic or rusty, and harmless to the human body. As a super-active adsorbent and bioactive substance positioning agent, nano-diamond can enhance the efficacy of drugs.
3. Nano diamonds can also be used in magnetic recording carriers such as magnetic tapes and magnetic disks, and can be used as wear-resistant additives and physical modifiers. Nano diamonds are added when the composite magnetic recording film is electrochemically coated to improve the performance of the magnetic recording device. Adding nano diamonds can reduce ferromagnetic material particles, increase recording density, and reduce abrasive wear and friction coefficient.
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