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Do you know the application of nano silicon powder?

wallpapers Industry 2021-03-23
Five application methods of nano silicon powder
1. Use nano silicon powder particles to make nano silicon wires for use in nano silicon carbon anode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries, or use graphite on the surface of nano spherical silicon powder as silicon carbon anode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries, which improves rechargeable lithium batteries 3 times more capacity and charge and discharge cycles;
2. Nano silicon powder is used in high temperature resistant coatings and refractory materials, and can react with organic matter as the raw material of organic silicon polymer materials;
3. Nano silicon powder can be applied to coatings to form a thin film of nano silicon particles, which is widely applied to solar energy;
4. As a nano silicon powder anode material for lithium-ion batteries, nano-silicon powder has a high theoretical specific capacity (theoretical value of 4200mAh/g), which is much higher than that of carbon materials;
5. Design of a silicon substrate on ten kinds of nano silicon nano-particles / silica nanostructures, to achieve a low threshold voltage of the photo-electric emission and under forward or reverse bias electroluminescence from the near infrared to the near ultraviolet wavelength band of major and proposed model emitting photoluminescent and electroluminescent electricity, silicon-based optoelectronic integrated to achieve basis.
Industry development direction of nano silicon powder
Nano silicon powder is one of the important industrial raw materials for the development of information technology. At present, domestic research on its preparation methods still faces many problems, such as how to solve the agglomeration problem of nano silicon powder, how to effectively control the morphology and particle size of nano silicon powder, How to reduce costs and realize large-scale production of nano-silicon powder, etc. Therefore, in future research, several preparations can be considered.
The methods are combined to prepare a more perfect nano-silica powder, and at the same time the formation mechanism is studied, and a mature theoretical model is established.
It is believed that with the rapid development of new energy and other industries, the industry's requirements for nano-silica fume gradually increase, and the domestic research on the preparation method of silica fume will also be more in-depth and complete.

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