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What is the maximum allowable temperature of the bearing

wallpapers Products 2020-05-27
Bearing surface temperature: When the bearing is operated under the specified working conditions, the temperature of the outer surface of the internal bearing should not be higher than the heat of the conveying medium by 20 ℃, and the maximum temperature is not more top than 80 ℃. The temperature rise of the outer surface of the outer bearing should not be higher than the ambient temperature of 40 ℃. The maximum temperature is not higher than 80 ℃.
Bearing operating temperature: The bearing temperature rise should not exceed the ambient temperature of 35 ℃, the maximum temperature must not exceed 75 ℃.
The purpose of lubricating rolling bearings is to reduce internal friction and wear of bearings, prevent burning and sticking; extend their service life; discharge frictional heat and cooling, avoid overheating of bearings, prevent aging of lubricating oils themselves; also prevent foreign objects from intruding into bearings, or prevent rust and corrosion Of effect.
Bearing seals can be divided into two types: self-contained seals and external seals. The so-called bearing self-sealing means that the bearing itself is made into a device with sealing performance. Such as bearings with dust caps, sealing rings, etc. Such a seal takes up little space, is easy to install and disassemble, and has a relatively low cost.
The so-called bearing with sealing performance device is a sealing device with various performances manufactured inside the mounting end cover and the like. Bearing plus seal is divided into non-contact seal and contact seal.
Among them, non-contact sealing is suitable for high-speed and high-temperature occasions and has different structural forms such as gap type, labyrinth type, and gasket type. The contact seal is ideal for medium and low-speed working conditions. Commonly used felt seals, leather cup seals, and other structural forms.

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