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What is temperature rise and what is the maximum allowable temperature of motor bearings

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Temperature rise refers to the temperature of each component in electronic and electrical equipment is higher than the environment.
After the conductor flows, a thermal effect of the current is generated. With time, the temperature on the surface of the conductor continues to rise until it stabilizes. The stable condition is that the temperature difference between before and after 3 hours does not exceed 2 ° C. At this time, the temperature of the conductor surface is the final temperature of the conductor, and the unit of temperature is degrees (° C). Part of the rising heat that exceeds the temperature of the surrounding air (ambient temperature) is called temperature rise, and the unit of temperature rise is Kelvin (K). In some articles and test reports and test questions about temperature rise, the group of temperature rise is often written as (℃), and the unit is not appropriate to express the temperature rise in degrees (℃). It should be represented by (K / W).
To verify the service life, stability, and other characteristics of electronic products, the temperature rise of its essential components (IC chips, etc.) is usually tested. The device under test is placed in a specific temperature higher than its rated operating temperature (T = 25 ° C) Operate under temperature (T = 70 ℃), record the temperature rise of its components higher than the ambient temperature after stabilization, and verify whether the design of this product is reasonable.
In electrical products: The rated temperature rise of the motor is the maximum allowable temperature rise of the motor windings under the design specified ambient temperature (ten 40 ℃), which depends on the insulation level of the windings.
The temperature rise depends on the heat generation and heat dissipation of the motor during operation. It is often based on the temperature rise to determine whether the motor heat dissipation is typical.
The motor temperature refers to the actual heating temperature of each part of the motor. It has a significant influence on the insulation material of the engine. Excessive heat will cause insulation aging to shorten the motor's life and even lead to insulation damage. To prevent the insulation from aging and damage, Part of the temperature makes an irregular limit; this temperature limit is the allowable temperature of the motor. The temperature of each Part of the engine is also related to the external conditions. The temperature rise is the value that the motor temperature is higher than the ambient temperature.

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